My name is Alviss Tran (My old name is Trach Tran). I came to the U.S. 6 years ago. I started my school life at Summit high school in Fontana. After that, I moved to Oakland and study ELS at Laney college. After two years, my family moved back to Fontana. I tried to finish my AS degree at Chaffey, so I can save my time for my business. I has been in school since the first day at the U.S.

I love anime. I spend sometime to relax. My favorite anime is Sword Art Online. Sometimes, I spend time for my game project. I am making a 2D game for mobile phone. It is really waste of time, and I also really busy. I am a full time student, and full time worker. Hopefully, I will finish and publish my game in this year at Playstore and Applestore.